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Course Description:

The act of building a painting is in itself transformational, inscription & mark making activate the surface, scraping into the work excavates the history of the painting. Using the concept of palimpsest, we will employ scripts and symbols, to create abstract paintings of place or recollection.
     Integrating formal elements of painting we will use limestone clay on board with a variety of paints as stain and cold wax to seal the final layer. We will add box inserts this year in one or more of the student’s panels for natural bundled objects (ie: seedpods and/or samples from a particular location), challenging students to integrate three-dimensional objects with surface design.

Prerequisite: Basic design sense and a willingness to “let go” and experiment. This work is physical and messy.

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Statement of philosophy from the Sitka Center:

In an exultation of spirit, as an expression of the joy we feel toward life, we search for meaning by creating.

We are the thrill of discovery, the quickening pulse that comes from learning how to be more fully alive.

At the Sitka Center you will find life-loving people. The book publisher, the homemaker, the sinewy college student, the slightly less sinewy college president, the hopeful novelist, and the published author all find that coming to the Sitka Center is coming home. Professional artists hone new techniques. New artists learn the basics. We all sit side by side with collective desire to express our creative core.

Together we can fall in love with the world of possibilities, imagination and inspiration; and, by allowing our best to ripple forth, we make the world a brighter place.


OCAC (Oregon College of Art & Craft) Rationale for painting workshop:

The Drawing/Painting Department supports visual thinking and creating both on two-dimensional surfaces and as they develop beyond into the form of objects.

The following are some specific rationales unique to this workshop:
• Unique approach to creating surface that promotes the interdependence of 2D and 3D elements.
• Combines multiple aspects of actual and simulated surface/texture related to sculpture and painting.
• Creates a narrative to practice a personal voice.
• Pushes students into non-traditional thinking and development of ideas.
• Promotes unique compositional and design concepts through discovery and resolution.


• use our stories to transform personal experience into a cohesive composition and successful painting
• integrate psychological self with an abstract vocabulary
• successfully merge the formal elements of painting with submerged content through language and symbol
• create change with intention of renewal

Students in this workshop will:
• become familiar with basic abstraction
• experiment with a range of traditional and contemporary drawing/painting approaches, including work habits and processes that result in both exploratory and resolved drawings/paintings (and objects)
• (learn) what subjects, ideas and issues engage them fully, and how to use that interest to generate visual work

Patricia Wheeler lives on a small island in Maine in the Penobscot Bay Region. She is a mixed media painter, a feminist and one who believes that each of us has a purpose in life which is the song that is in our heart. Her teaching practice is about releasing that song in her students, freeing them from old voices that inhibit the joy of painting. Using an abstract vocabulary she looks for intersections between unrelated elements within a painting.

She exhibits widely throughout the U.S. And teaches regularly in Oregon at  Oregon College of Art & Crafts & the Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, in Wisconsin at the Peninsula Art School, Door County,  in Maine at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, the Center for Maine Contemporary Art & Chapter Two Gallery. She has been selected for numerous artist residencies. Pat graduated from Rutgers University with high honors in studio art.

This winter, Patricia was an artist in residence for 3-1/2 months  at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, a life changing experience at the confluence of the Salmon River estuary and the Pacific Ocean at Cascade Head. There she also participated in the OSU Reflections program, a collaboration between art & science.

Class: The Architecture of Memory
“I’d love to take this class again and I think we need more sessions.”

A request for: “a summer long workshop with Pat. Thanks Pat – you rock!”

“We love Pat and appreciate her style of making everyone feel successful.”

“Pat’s the best teacher of art I’ve ever had. She is warm, deep and knowledgeable.”

“Pat developed a beautiful spirit of sharing among the class members.”

“Learning new ways to manipulate ones current style is always exciting, but this experience was outstanding.”

“Although I taught painting at the college level for over 30 years, Patricia’s techniques and artistic vision complemented my own.”

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